Hello. My name is Peter Cung.



I am on a mission to passionately build something from nothing, create and foster meaningful relationships, and thrive on working alongside incredibly smart people to solve challenging problems and bring out the best in me.

Who am I?

I am seeking to be inspired and will work hard for things that are worth it. Would consider myself an urbanite and global tourist. Check out more info about me below.

What are my Interests?

Most likely will be writing variety of topics that resonate with me at the personal level. Will share my thoughts while I'm on the road only if and only you check it out.

Where to Find Me?

You can probably catch me roaming the streets of the Silicon Valley or some other urban jungle. Best to reach out to me via cell or just drop me line below. Or you can say "hi" to me on twitter @pvcung

"I don't fear for tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and love today."