My Mission

I am on a mission to passionately build something from nothing, create and foster meaningful relationships, and thrive on working alongside incredibly smart people to solve challenging problems and bring out the best in me.

Texas-Born, but California-Bred.

To me, the Silicon Valley is one of the most vibrant, intellectually-curious, collaborative, competitive, forward-thinking, socially-aware, practical, and idealistic areas to live in. And I am proud to call the San Francisco Bay Area home!

UC Davis Graduate, Harvard HBX Student

Graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelors of Science in Physiology in 2009. Currently, in the June 2017 Cohort of HBX CORe Program.

Future academic goal is to be accepted into a recognized MBA program to sharpen my business-acumen by learning things about business that I have never learned before.

New Business Development Expert

I thrive on finding new business, especially through prospecting "cold" contacts. Currently in Global Business Development at Scientific Specialties, Inc (, which is one of the largest privately-held US-manufacturer of plastic lab supplies.

I am always looking to learn from the best and help others pursue their Business Development dreams.

Peter The Family Guy 

You can say I am a "cool cat" husband and father. :)

Core Interests

I am always a student at heart and yearn to learn more. In particular, my main interests are: 
- Personal Development
- Globalization
- Life Sciences
- Technology

Often times, I will read blogs/social media, take meaningful courses on Coursera, and do whatever it takes to stay sharp on topics that matter to me. 

Football Fanatic

Aside from focusing on personal and professionally development, I love the game of football, especially Tottenham Hotspur and Inter Milan.

If you like either club, let's connect below. If you don't... but like football, let's connect anyway for "spirited" conversations :)